All Quilted, LLC - Professional Longarm Quilting Services
Professional Longarm Quilting Services
near Wilsonville, Oregon
(503) 704-4739
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Prices start as low as $0.015/square inch

All Over - Open Design (under 20 stitches/ - $0.015/square inch
All Over - Moderately Dense Design (20-30 stitches/ - $0.02/square inch
All Over - Dense Design (31-50 stitches/ - $0.025/square inch
All Over - Ultra Dense Design (>50 stitches/ - $0.03/square inch
All Over Quilting Designs Minimum - $50 (waived for 1st time customers)

For each additional butted border design, add $0.01/square inch
For each additional mitered border design, add $0.02/square inch

Stitch-in-Ditch, Set in block motifs: $0.06/square inch
Add Fill behind Applique or Embroidery: $0.08/square inch
$100 minimum
Size: 8 inches wider than quilt top, and 8 inches longer than quilt top
If I Make and Square Back (you provide fabric) - $25 for one seam, add $10 each additional seam

For your convenience we stock three types of batting (cotton, cotton/poly blend, wool) on 90-96 inch wide rolls - quilts beautifully with no creases, and you pay for only the width (or length if it is longer than 90 inches) of your quilt (+ 6 inches). Prices range from $0.30 to $0.40 per linear inch.

Feel free to provide your own batting, if you wish.


Superior Threads' So Fine #50 for ultimate blending and dense quilting;
Fil-Tec's Glide for beautiful stitches with a bit more definition.
We carry over 50 cones of each thread; finding the perfect color for your quilt is a breeze!

Thread Charge: $3 per bobbin - and we use prewound Magna-Glide bobbins which hold a lot of thread!