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Shadow-Box T-Shirt Quilt

Perfect Gift - for graduates (from schools, sports), for parents (vacations), for coaches, teachers,...!

Price Shadow-Box Quilt - as shown $595

Extra T's - add $30 per T
near Wilsonville, Oregon
(503) 704-4739
To Order:
Send an email and we will reply with instructions and current lead time.
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Lead Time

Anticipate 8 weeks (12 weeks in September to December months) from delivery of T's to receipt of completed quilt.
T-Shirt quilts are a perfect way to celebrate participation in a sport, graduation from a school, or even a vacation (or many of them), while providing a final home for those well-worn, well-loved T's.

You provide the T's (whole and un-cut) and I provide everything else. You deliver the T's to me, and I return a completed quilt to you.

The example shown here is from 12 medium to large T's - cut into 15 1/2 inch squares. The finished quilt measures 70 x 90 inches, an abundant twin bed size. 16 T's would produce a full/queen size quilt. Small T's will produce smaller quilts (yielding 12 1/2 inch squares instead of 15 1/2 inch).